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(5) BLOCKS of 8-Year-Old Super-Sharp Cheddar

5 blocks of our 2nd best seller at a discounted price! Aged for 8 years, this smooth and creamy cheddar melts away in your mouth like butter and packs a powerful, super-sharp punch! Sit down and spoil yourself with a block of this cheese and a glass of wine or a bottle of your favorite beer after a long day – your taste buds deserve it!  LACTOSE FREE!

Check out our Super-Sharp Cheddar Bomb Biscuits recipe!

• REMEMBER--if kept unopened in your refrigerator, our aged cheddars will last FOREVER and continue to get better in the years to come so it's cheaper to stock up!
• Weight: 7.5 oz each
• Pairing Recommendations; Stout beer, Lager, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rum, Chardonnay

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