Question: How do I know what each kind of cheese will taste like?

Answer: Click Here for detailed descriptions of each product that we offer!


Question:  What are the white crystals on the outside of my Aged Cheddar?

Answer:  The "white grainy" textures on the outside of your Aged Cheddars are called Calcium Lactate Crystals, and they form naturally over the years within blocks of high-quality sharp cheddar.  I won't get into too much detail here (I would highly recommend this link for more details:  http://culturecheesemag.com/cheese-bites/crystals-cheeses-best-friend  ) but they are regarded by most as the best part of the cheese (my favorite part too).  It will form on the outside of the cheese, and within the cheese itself.  ENJOY it!


Question:  Do I need to use Overnight or 2nd day shipping so that the cheese doesn't go bad?

Answer:  In most cases, the answer would be No.  Our  nationally centralized location saves our customers a lot of money when it comes to shipping.  From this location, 95% of the country can be reached via regular ground shipping in 3 days or less.  So, with the exception of extremely hot weather, the purchase of the cooler and ice pack will keep the product fresh and cut your shipping costs by about 65% with FedEx Ground shipping.  And keep in mind, our meat products do not need to be refrigerated until after you open them.


Question:  How long is the cheese and meat good for?

Answer:  The blocks of cheeses will last about a year in the refrigerator if kept in the original sealed package.  Once the seal is broken, it will last about one month.  The cheese curds will last about a month, though they will taste the best within about 2 weeks after you receive them.  The meat typically has an expiration date of about 10 months from date you receive it.  And keep in mind, the meat does not require refrigeration until after you open it.


Question:  Can I freeze the cheese?

Answer:  In most cases, we do NOT recommend that you freeze the cheese.   Because the block cheeses will last about a year in the refrigerator if kept in the original sealed package, we recommend that you just keep it in the refrigerator to maintain the quality.  The ONLY cheese that reacts well to freezing is the cheese curds, which is very convenient considering the window of freshness with the curds is smaller compared to the block cheese.


Question:  Is all of the cheese pasteurized?

Answer:  YES


Question:  Does any of the product contain gluten?

Answer:  The Buffalo Wing Cheese contains gluten as an ingredient.