Frequently Asked Questions

Orders will be shipped within 1-6 business days of placement, unless noted otherwise at checkout. While all orders are shipped with upgraded expedited shipping, delivery dates are estimates, and actual transit time may vary between 2-5 business days after shipment

Absolutely!  (In fact, at this time of the year, we're trying to guard against your cheese freezing!)

Also, our all-natural, hard and semi-hard cheeses do not actually require refrigeration for safety, but we recommend storing them in the refrigerator on arrival to best protect their flavor/texture and extend their lifespan.  (Remember, cheese was invented LONG before refrigeration.) 

Unopened, our blocks of cheese will last about a year in the refrigerator (DO NOT FREEZE.)  However, the aged cheddars will last FOREVER unopened in the refrigerator and continue to get BETTER in the years to come so it's cheaper to stock up.  Once the seal is broken, it will last about one month, depending on how well it is wrapped.  For the cheese curds, we recommend you eat them or freeze them within 2 weeks.  The meat typically has an expiration date of about 10 months from date you receive it.  And keep in mind, the meat does not require refrigeration until after you open it.

Cold-pack shipping is FREE on orders of $59 or more!  (For orders under $59 shipping fees vary, but the more you spend the cheaper it gets)

We do not currently have the nutritional information available for our artisanal cheeses - but this is something we are working on! If it helps, all of our products are gluten free, and there are no carbs in cheese (the two most commonly asked questions!) The nutritional information for our Oven-Baked Cheese and our Artisan Meats can be found by swiping across the photo of the flavors you are interested in.

In most cases, we do NOT recommend that you freeze the cheese.   Because the block cheeses will last about a year in the refrigerator if kept in the original sealed package, we recommend that you just keep it in the refrigerator to maintain the quality.  The ONLY cheese that reacts well to freezing is the cheese curds, which is very convenient considering the window of freshness with the curds is smaller compared to the block cheese.

Absolutely!  Assembling gift boxes for your employees and clients is our specialty!  Our products are the PERFECT GIFT to show your appreciation.  Because of the tremendous feedback they receive after the first year, our business clients come back year after year for their favorites and to check out our new products!


YES!  If your order is a gift for someone else, we will include a note from you.  When viewing your cart, there is a section where you can insert some notes about your shipment.  Let us know what you'd like your note to say!

The short is answer is no. We have to pay shipping and packaging costs for EACH address we ship to.

For example: Susie places a single $120 order. Tony places 3 orders to various addresses totaling $120.

Susie's single order will qualify for more freebies than Tony's orders because our shipping/packaging costs for Tony's orders will be 3 times higher than Susie's.

If you would like to ship to more than one address, you will need to enter separate orders for EACH address. No worries, once you get in a groove, it goes pretty fast! :)

NO.....our meat does not require refrigeration until after you open it.

The "white grainy" textures on the outside of your Aged Cheddars are called Calcium Lactate Crystals, and they form naturally over the years within blocks of high-quality sharp cheddar.  They are regarded by most as the best part of the cheese (our favorite part too).  It will form on the outside of the cheese, and within the cheese itself.  ENJOY it!


NO....all of our products are gluten-free!