Oven-Baked Cheese: Dip Pairings

September 01, 2023 3 min read

Oven-Baked Cheese: Dip Pairings

Dips You Can Pair with Each of Our Oven-Baked Cheeses


Italiano Oven-Baked Cheese

Marinara is the herald of cheese sauces, coming in clutch for nearly every cheese we offer. Robust, savory tomatoes and creamy, melty oven-baked cheese are a match made in cheese heaven. Pair store-bought marinara sauces with our Gardner’s Italiano Oven-Baked Cheese for a pizza party in your mouth. Our herbaceous Italiano cheese is sure to please with every bite. Eat it fried up in a skillet, grilled, or air fried, or try breading it for a tasty take on a “mozzarella” stick. If you’re looking for more substance in your cheese-based meal, why not add our Italiano cheese and a healthy serving of marinara onto a sub bun to make an Italian flavored grilled cheese sandwich. This cheese would also pair beautifully with ranch, homemade or store-bought.


Oven-Baked Cheese filled with 5-Year-Aged Cheddar

This tasty combination is one of our most versatile oven-baked cheeses. Our Oven-Baked Cheese Filled with 5-Year-Aged-Cheddar will pair well with jams, fruit salsas, ranch, marinara, or maple syrup or honey for a salty-sweet flavor that’s sure to make your tastebuds sing! Combine this cheese with any of your favorite dipping sauces for a unique dining experience. This cheddar is best served with apples, dates, grapes, and pears, so choose a sweet, luxurious pairing for this sharp aged Cheddar and melt back into flavor town. We recommend trying a flavor-filled Apricot Dijon dipping sauce for the sweet and spicy notes that are sure to bring out all the best flavors of this cheese.


Original Oven Baked Cheese

Try our Original Oven-Baked Cheese with sweet combinations. Honey or maple syrup bring out the luscious creamy flavors, while jam or fruit will create an oasis of taste on your tongue like enjoying a cheeseboard in every bite! This cheese would be perfect on a crisped up baguette with a drizzle of honey over it for an easy, but decadent snack fit for royalty. Without the extra sharpness of the aged cheddar, this cheese can try on any number of hats. Try it with bacon jam, or a savory garlic aioli for a surprise punch of flavor! 


Garlic Oven-Baked Cheese

Creamy, buttery, garlic flavor without all the bread? Sign us up! Our Garlic Oven-Baked Cheese is a perfect match for marinara or ranch. Fry it up, dip it in, and luxuriate to your heart’s content. Garlic oven-baked cheese makes the perfect addition to any pizza or sub, or just dip it on its own. If you would dip garlic breadsticks in it, it’s perfect for this cheese! Think, melted salty butter, garlic marinara, or homemade ranch. For a change, try pairing it with onion jam, a carmelized experience that’s sure to set off fireworks all night long. 

Try this tasty butter dip, butter and maple syrup mixed together to make the perfect side for bacon flavored cheese, or your favorite breakfast combo! Sprinkle it with a touch of cinnamon for some extra flavor and pizzazz. –Photo credit Aemili brown


Bacon Oven-Baked Cheese

Our Bacon Oven-Baked Cheese is about to redefine breakfast! Serve this grilled up cheese with a side of buttery maple syrup dip, just take one part margarine to one part syrup and combine until soft for a delicious and simple dip, or use this cheese as a tasty breakfast hash with ourSkillet Sausage and watch your family’s eyes light up. Savory, salty bacon is the perfect match for morning sweetness. Pancakes, waffles, and french toast can’t hold a candle to the creamy, melty goodness of maple syrup coated cheese. Our Bacon Oven-Baked cheese uses real bacon to bring out the best of both worlds. Try it in an omelet drizzled with honey or maple syrup, or as a hash with grilled potatoes and sausage and dip it in a maple cinnamon butter for a true culinary delight.


Chipotle Oven-Baked Cheese

Welcome to the wild side, if you like a little spice in your cheese, this is the flavor for you. Our Chipotle Oven-Baked Cheese is sure to change your mind on spice once you get a taste. This smoky, spicy cheese will shine with a pairing of marinara to complement the spiciness, or ranch, to counter the heat. Try it with a sweet salsa like Mango Habanero, or a carmelized onion jam to pair the sweet with the heat. Fully commit to the bit with a quick chipotle aioli or compliment the effects of the peppers with a savory garlic aioli. A creamy pineapple lime dipping sauce will bring out the smoky complexity of the pepper without overpowering the heat. For an extra dose of sweet heat, try with Mike’s Hot Honey!

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